About the Organisation

The Beretzk Péter Conservation Club started working as a self-motivated group in 1978. At the beginning we organised nature conservation study groups and camps in summer for pupils. By our environmental education we got in touch with other educational institutes working for the same goals, with the Természet Búvár Periodical, with higher educational institutes and domestic non-governmental organisations. Programs for environmental education and nature conservation were worked out together with organisations and research institutes. After that we grounded our association and chose Beretzk Péter, the researcher of the Lake Fehértó in Szeged, as the name of our organisation. Here in the South part of the Great Hungarian Plain, a lot of voluntary environmentalist help the work of our association.

The expert activity of our NGO-members spreads over:

the information on inhabitants about environmental and nature conservation, professional trainings, organizing fieldwork activities, nature-conserving researches, representing and protecting these goals in the domestic and international issues, searching the opportunities of ecoturism, developments, organising forums for the people. Beside that we help the formation, realisation of the environmental programs of the local government, and the finishing of settlemet development plans.

Our challenges:

• All the members know that the biosphere is sensitive and the resources are limited. Many people cooperate in the region to protect the biosphere, to sruggle for the nature conservation and environmental issues.
• We search, teach, develop, research and offer the ways of sustainable life style.
• In our programs the members cooperate with the members of the govermental and economical sectors and the inhabitants.
• The environmental education has an important role between our challenges beside the research of local natural values. We try to help to reach the environmental protection of the values and we establish educational paths along them.
• We call the people’s attention to the environmental problems by researches, publications, communal activities, professional programs and aimed lobbying activities
• The issues of our campaigns are in connection with reducing the consequences of climatic changes by conscious actions, the importance of preserving the biodiversity and the opportunities for them.
• We have international connections in these issues and we have collective projects with associations (civil and governmental) from France, Romania, Serbia.

Programs and ecoturism

By the research and determinization of the natural values in Röszke we connected to the regional ecoturistic network.
The surveys managed to reveal the natural and man-made values in Röszke and we worked out our turistical program trying to show all of them. We have 5 paths altogether, establishing the professional ecoturistical programs. Its importance is much more significant, because these paths are connected with other natural paths in Mórahalom, Ásotthalom, Domaszék, Zákányszék and Üllés (the near settlements).

We organise programs along these paths:

Through the fieldwork we try to force the self-supporting „knowledge-collecting” by professional informative books, work-sheets, and the informative tables on the field. All of our publications can be found and bought, and if somebody want to read more about these topics, a free library is available. (Röszke, Juhász Gyula street 1.)

By the ecoturistical programs we make:

- we reveal the endangering factors of the habitats
- designating the ways connecting the stations
- popularise the ecoturistical netwoks by books and on the internet
- making informative tables at the stations
- sustainable management of the protected areas.

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